Integrated Deepsea Minerals Systems Advantages

Turn-key systems. Best-in-class industry consortium. End-to-end system designs, optimized for cost and performance. Achieve your deepwater ambitions. Reliably secure new minerals sources.


Ensure Your System Will Perform in the Environment

Our RiserTec™ division provides up-front design consultancy, global riser analysis, and detailed front-end engineering studies. They are the first stop to help you assess multiple scenarios, to support your concept development & selection, and to ensure the design of a robust system that will be fit for the operational conditions.


Identify Your Harvesting Method

We have teamed with Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) for integration of seabed harvester vehicles capable of collecting minerals from alternative sources including polymetallic nodules, seafloor massive sulfides, or polymetallic crusts. Yet, we can work with any preferred harvester vehicle.


Standardize Your Pumping System

In partnership with Weir Minerals we offer integrated surface-mounted positive displacement pump technology to enable minerals vertical transport. We can also integrate centrifugal or airlift pump technology to achieve your operational strategy.

Secure Reliable Vertical Transport

The Merlin™ Deepsea Mineral Riser System is ideally suited and qualified for the extreme operating conditions of ultra-deep waters up to 6000m/20,000ft deep. With 1300-ton hang-off capacity, the system offers superior static and dynamic load carrying capacity and enables flowrates of 1430m3/min


Plan for the Minerals Vessels

We have teamed with Stena Drilling (UK) Ltd., a global leading independent drilling service and technology provider, to integrate systems with their surface minerals and bulk carrier vessels. We also engage with other vessel providers as required. We help to scale deepsea gathering, vertical transport, offloading, and surface cargo transport capacity to ensure supply reliability.


Leverage Our Integrated Systems Approach

Together, we reduce the hassle and eliminate the interface and operational risks of managing multiple component suppliers. We provide you with a single point of contact and a unified support team. Our fit-for-purpose, turn-key systems approach ensures you achieve the operational reliability and uptime assurance you need.


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