Full-Service Deepsea Minerals Delivery

Secure a reliable supply of deepsea minerals for your downstream processing with our global seafloor to shore ore gathering and delivery service. With our consortium, we can oversee your midstream transfer of ore from point of origin, direct to port.

Full-Service Deepsea Minerals Delivery Advantages

Seafloor to shore ore delivery. Midstream minerals to downstream transport and delivery. Direct to port.


A Complete Seafloor to Shore Delivery Solution

For leaseholders looking for an end-to-end raw materials delivery solution, we can provide complete minerals collection, vertical transport, and cargo transfer services direct to port in coordination with our consortium. This allows you to focus on your processing activities and on serving your end-user minerals customers.


Reliable Minerals Supply Commitment

We provide simplified minerals supply contracting strategies for resource holders to engage via a single point-of-contact for reliable, turnkey operations and delivery. Let’s discuss your volume requirements.


Sufficient System and Cargo Capacity

In coordination with vessel providers, we can help to scale deepsea gathering, vertical transport, offloading, and surface cargo transport capacity to ensure supply reliability.