Deepsea Minerals Riser Systems

The Merlin™ Deepsea Minerals Riser System is designed for ultra-deep performance and offers improved operational safety, speed of deployment/retrieval, and cost savings compared to traditional riser systems.

Merlin™ Minerals Riser Advantages

Applied experience & expertise. Integrates with your system and vessel. Higher performance and operational reliability. Improved safety. Cost savings.


Deepwater Experience/Expertise

We apply our 35+ years’ experience and expertise in deepwater riser systems for oil and gas applications to deepsea minerals. Reliably unlock ultra-deep mineral resources with a trusted offshore partner.


High Performance

Ultra-deepwater-qualified with 1300-ton vessel hang-off capacity. Global riser analysis (GRA) and world-class physical in-house UKAS certified mechanical testing is performed to ensure each customized riser system is qualified for the expected operational conditions.


Faster Speed of Deployment

<1 minute fast riser connection make-up. The robotic riser ‘spider’ makes up the connections in less than 1 minute versus 12-13 minutes for traditional flanged riser connections, saving vessel time during both deployment and retrieval.


Improved Safety

Fully automated, hands-free connection make-up. Sophisticated automation and controls remove personnel from harm’s way and enable faster run speeds.


Minute Fast Make-up


metres/20,000ft Ultra-Deepwater Qualified


Operational Days Saved/Year